Build a Chair with Two Pieces of Board?

Do It Yourself Backyard Lounger (Adirondack Chair) for Your Patio Project.

This is a comfortable Westport plank chair, with rustic appearance. Nowadays, the Westport plank chair
has evolved into Adirondack chair. It was originally built by Thomas Lee in 1903. He was inspired while
having a vacation in Westport, New York, in Adirondack Park. He remembered that there was a pine tree
in his property. When he got home, he felled the tree, and he built a chair using a single board from that
pine tree; or so the legend goes.

You can almost relive the legend by building yourself this chair with just two 1×10-inch x10-foot boards
you got from a hardware store.
The tools that you need:
– Circular saw
– Cordless drill
– Rafter square
– Bar clamps
– Two 1″ X 10″ X 10′ cedar boards
– 48 one-half inch wood screws

The process:
1. Cut out the parts
You will cut the two boards using circular saw into 14 parts:
– 2 seatback
– 2 seat
– 1 front stretcher
– 1 back support
– 2 front leg
– 2 armrest
– 2 rear leg
– 2 arm support
Use rafter square to cut tapering ends of the parts.

2. Assemble

Clamp parts together before you fasten. This will stop the pieces from slipping while you drive the

By attaching each front leg to their back leg, the top corner of the back leg should be 14 inches off the
ground. Use rafter square to hold the front leg at 20 degrees. Attach them with four screws. Then fasten
the seat parts.
Fasten the arm supports to the front legs, then attach the armrests. They should overhang 3/4 inch at
the front legs. Drive two screws into each leg, and two into each arm support.
Attach the back support to the armrests. Drive screws through each arm and the back support. Lastly,
attach the seatbacks with two screws through each rear leg, and three other through each seatback,
into the back support.

Voila~ You got yourself an Adirondack Chair!

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